Oakland voters say “NO” to renewal of Wildfire Prevention Tax Assessment

Citizens for Responsible Oakland Government recommend that residents of Oakland’s Wildfire Prevention District (WPD) vote NO on a 10-year extension of the parcel tax that funds the assessment district in the Oakland Hills.  Here’s their opinion of the parcel tax:

  • This tax does nothing to fund fire fighting personnel or equipment
  • This tax asks us to pay again for services that we already pay for
  • This WPD has been mismanaged for the past 10 years
  • This tax has not made us safer and has not helped reduce insurance rates
  • Don’t get ripped off for another 10 years.”

Please visit their website for more information:  http://cfrog.info

Click HERE to see a video of interviews with Oakland residents who have decided to vote NO on this parcel tax.  Ballots were mailed to property owners in the assessment district two weeks ago and must be mailed back by November 13, 2013.

WPD Video Image

Update:  Voters in the Wildfire Prevention Assessment District narrowly defeated the ballot measure to renew the tax that funds WPAD.  Thanks to those who participated in the effort to defeat this measure and especially to CFROG for organizing that effort.  Here is the article in the Oakland Tribune announcing the outcome:   http://www.insidebayarea.com/news/ci_24533813/oakland-hills-voters-reject-wildfire-prevention-tax

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