“Feds Target Egrets and Owls for Eradication”

We are publishing a guest article by Sydney Ross Singer, Director, Good Shepherd Foundation.  Dr. Singer has been a tireless defender of non-native species in Hawaii, where he lives.  Nativism in Hawaii is even more destructive than similar projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Barn Owl.  Creative Commons 2.0 Generic.
Barn Owl. Creative Commons 2.0 Generic.

Tens of thousands of innocent Owls and Egrets will be executed in Hawaii by the US Fish and Wildlife Service unless President Obama issues a pardon.

Cattle egrets and barn owls are an important part of Hawaii’s environment, consuming large amounts of rodent and insect pests as they were meant to do when first introduced by the government to these islands back in the 1950′s. They are protected by international migratory bird treaties, and are admired and prized by people wherever they are found.

Unfortunately, they are now being targeted for destruction statewide by the same invasive species eradicators who are killing our other introduced wildlife.

Egret.  Creative Commons Share Alike.
Egret. Creative Commons Share Alike.

Currently, whenever there is a conflict between egrets or owls and endangered species or airports, there have been permits required for their control in the local area where they are a problem. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed lifting this permit requirement to allow the egrets and barn owls to be killed anywhere they are found, even if they are not causing any problems. It is killing the innocent today to prevent a potential problem in the future.

This is a reminder of ethnic cleansing and genocide. It is not what our great nation is about.

This slaughter of innocent egrets and owls is a crime against nature and against the people who live with and admire these magnificent birds. Making matters even worse, one of the methods that will be used to kill the birds is to attract them to slaughter areas by broadcasting their bird calls. Owls will be attracted from miles away to be shot. Egret colonies will be massacred for no reason other than their existence in Hawaii.

This “final solution” for the egrets and owls, not only controlling them where they are a problem but everywhere they live throughout the Hawaiian Islands, can only be stopped by President Obama issuing a stay on their execution. It is the Federal Government’s Fish and Wildlife Service that wants to allow unlimited open season on these birds. It is up to the President of our country to intervene on the behalf of these innocent, magnificent creatures.

Please help spread the word. Sign our Change.org petition. And visit our website http://www.DontKilltheBirds.org. Together we can help save these wonderful birds from needless slaughter.


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